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On June 15, Emily Yeh, chair of the Department of Geography here at CU, was interviewed by New Books in East Asian Studies, about her recent book, Taming Tibet: Landscape Transformation and the Gift of Chinese Development, published in 2013.

Taming Tibet is "an award-winning critical analysis of the production and transformation of the Tibetan landscape since 1950, construing development as a 'state project that is presented as a gift to the Tibetan people' especially as it works to territorialize Tibet."

Carla Nappi, writer of the article on New Books in East Asian Studies, found Taming Tibet to be a "moving, powerful, and compellingly argued book that I highly recommend to anyone interested in modern China, Tibet, development, and/or urban studies."

To see the full article and to listen to the interview, please visit http://newbooksineastasianstudies.com/2015/06/15/emily-t-yeh-taming-tibet-landscape-transformation-and-the-gift-of-chinese-development-cornell-up-2013/.