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We are pleased to announce that we have developed a new fellowship program for graduate students studying modern Asian languages, the Center for Asian Studies Summer Language Fellowship.

Graduate students who enroll in a formal summer Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, or Tibetan language course who are not native speakers of the language are invited to apply. Students studying languages other than those listed here may also be eligible, pending approval. The course can be used in either a domestic or international program.

Fellows will be selected on the basis of previous academic achievement, language ability, strength of recommendation, commitment to apply the language and area studies in a future career, promise of high academic or professional achievement, and the significance of the proposed course of study to the academic or professional world. Priority will be given to those candidates who have at least an intermediate competence in the Asian language, as well as to candidates who study one of the least-commonly-taught languages: Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, and Tibetan. Priority will also be given to those students preparing a career in government service or the professions or include teacher training and outreach activities among their proposed programs or future goals.

We will award up to three summer fellowships of between $5000 and $7500. The deadline is Monday, February 16 at noon. Please email applications to Joanne.Sakaguchi@colorado.edu. For more information, as well as to see the application requirements, please visit https://cas.colorado.edu/content/center-asian-studies-summer-language-fellowship.