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Asian Studies and other liberal arts students should consider enrolling in this new innovative program offered through the Business School.

"More than 600 non-business students are now enrolled in the integrative business minor program at the University of Colorado Boulder. The program underwent a massive overhaul and debuted its slick and slimmed-down 12-credit program in fall 2013—an appealing alternative to the former, clunky 24-credit program.

"Condensing the curriculum to better highlight key business concepts and translating the material into an approachable context for non-business students were key in creating the successful program.

"Amy Tabor, director of Cross-Campus Business Programs for CU-Boulder’s Leeds School of Business, says that keeping the students in mind is key. Most universities offer a business minor, but they typically don’t offer integrative courses targeted specifically toward non-business students. They just allow non-business students to take regular business classes.

"Tabor says other schools don’t offer perspectives in disciplines outside of the traditional corporate setting, nor do they impart the skills necessary to understand business implications across multiple fields. Instructors see students making immediate applications within their individual fields and using the skills they learn in the minor classes at internships.

“'The bottom line is that we offer an intentional program that meets the needs of non-business students,' Tabor posits.

"Leeds feels it’s fulfilling a previously unmet need—to fill a gap in basic business acumen. Students are inspired to apply business fundamentals in their own lives immediately—by taking a more active role in understanding their finances, by understanding the ways companies try to appeal to consumers through marketing and by applying lessons in managing themselves and others at their student jobs."

From "Liberal-arts students get down to business," Arts & Sciences Magazine. To read the full article, visit this page.